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Welcome to Chincoteague-Ponies.com.  Your informative source for beautiful scenes and memorabilia from Chincoteague and Asseteague Island.   Found on the Virginia and Maryland shores are breath taking scenes of wild Chincoteague ponies, sandy beaches, and the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.  A host of other attractions will enchant, entertain and mesmerize people of all ages when they visit Chincoteague and Asseteague island.

We have assembled this site to enhance your memories, (and ours), of the Chincoteague pony and the beautiful Chincoteague scenery by providing canvas print photos, and custom key chains.  You'll also find our personal recommendations on great food and lodging.

We do hold the copyrights to all material found on this site.  Any prints you may request from us are also copyright protected.  Files of signed and numbered prints will not be available after the quantity has been printed.  If you would like us to print one of your photo's, please see our "Print it for us" page. 

This site was last updated on 6/7/04..  We will continue to post new contents for your viewing and remembrance pleasure.  We have many prints, photos, memorabilia, and commemorative items that will soon be posted.  If you need one of your photos printed right away, please don't hesitate to send email or call.  I'll get back with you right away.  Mike@chincoteague-ponies.com or (717) 379-4555.


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